I wasn’t allowed to watch The Matrix as a teenager. It was always kind of awkward: Lord of the Rings was fine, but The Matrix crossed a line somehow. The Godfather? Cool. But not The Matrix. My parents had never seen The Matrix, and couldn’t tell you what the matrix itself actually is, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it. Naturally, it was one of the first movies I bought when I moved out. 

So imagine my surprise when I invited my folks over for a movie night. I made a few film suggestions, and my mother asked: Do you have anything with Keanu Reeves?”*

Um, yes. Yes I do. 

So in the Year of Our Lord 2022, my parents finally saw The Matrix. They’re the sort of people who loudly react to twists in movies, and let’s just say the first 30 minutes were a wild ride for them. The big hook was still a total mystery for them both. 

They really liked it, because who doesn’t love this movie, so apparently we’re watching Reloaded and Resurrections with them soon. And of course, they have no memory of telling me I wasn’t allowed to see The Matrix. 

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