My name is Nathan Snelgrove. I picked up a guitar when I was twelve and started a design studio when I was twenty-one, and I live with my amazing wife Hildegard in downtown Toronto.

A picture of my wife and I in front of rolling green hills.
My wife and I on a recent trip to South Africa in late 2017.

Work & Projects

I like to write about the things I enjoy: design, writing, music, video games, and movies.

I started freelancing for clients during the recession, before I was done school. After I graduated, I couldn’t find full-time work anywhere, but my freelance work was going strong. And I’ve been focused almost exclusively on my freelance work since then. Here’s where you can find me elsewhere on the web:

  • Wildfire Studios: This is my portfolio website. I blog on it pretty frequently about design, tools, and what I’m making.
  • Unsung Sundays: (ON PAUSE) My digital music magazine. A new “issue” goes out every Sunday morning via email. I design, program, and write the site myself. It’s something I like to write about, but it also helped me find clients when the well was running dry a couple years ago.
  • I also used to make a podcast with my friend Adam Haworth called Five More Things. We stopped doing it because our professional careers just got way too busy, but sadly, the feed has disappeared with time.


You can reach me at nathan@wildfirestudios.ca, or on Twitter where I’m @nathansnelgrove.

I’m historically pretty bad at email, and getting worse at Twitter, so I’m sorry if it takes me forever to get back to you (or if I never get back to you). Know that it’s not you — it really is me, I promise. I probably think you’re pretty cool.