Interview on The Sweet Setup →

July 10 2018

Absolutely thrilled to be featured on The Sweet Setup this week. I’ve been meaning to submit my gear to the website for over a year now, and just never found the time. The Sweet Setup is one of my favourite sites, and I’m thrilled to finally see my rig on there.

One thing I wish I remembered to mention: I would love a sit/stand desk. When Hildegard and I can afford the luxury of a new desk, a Jarvis bamboo desk exists with my name on it.

Edit: It turns out I did mention it. Oops. Ah well. I’d really like a standing desk, so it probably bears repeating.


I’m speaking on a marketing panel

June 13 2018

I’ve already made a formal announcement on my portfolio site, but I wanted to share it here as well. I’m speaking on a panel about Promotion through Digital and Traditional Media at the first annual “Pride in Business” Business Forum and Trade Show on June 21st.

There are more details about the panel on my portfolio blog, but if you’re in or around downtown Toronto on the 21st, I’d love to see you there and hang out. You can get free tickets for the panel on Eventbrite.


Some Spit and Polish

February 3 2018

There aren’t many people who frequent this site, but if you’re one of them, you may have noticed some changes around here:

  1. The whole look and feel of the site has changed. (I was feeling playful, and it’s Saturday.)
  2. There’s a ton of blog posts here that weren’t here before. That’s because I shut down one of my old blogs. I used to write on a blog called Overly Opinionated, where I shared my view on stuff happening with Apple and Nintendo. I wrote it pretty frequently for about two months, and then stopped. Since I figured I’d write there pretty infrequently, I thought there was no reason to have a separate site for it. So now all that content is here, and that site redirects to this one now.

All this amounts to a bit of spit and polish. This site looks more active than it’s been in some time, and it’s got a new, modern look and feel to it that I really dig.


Wii Games Officially Ported for Shield TV in China

December 5 2017

It’s always interesting when Nintendo releases their games on somebody else’s console. News broke today that, in an effort to break into the Chinese market, Nintendo is releasing New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Twilight Princess, Punch-out, and (eventually) Super Mario Galaxy in HD on the Shield TV. Rumour is that the Metroid Prime trilogy is also on the way.

The Shield TV and the Switch share a lot of the same hardware, so I’m sure you can see where this is going.

But here’s the thing (from The Verge’s story on this):

Nintendo hasn’t released the Switch in China, and historically doesn’t directly offer its consoles for sale in the market; a subsidiary called iQue has handled China-specific variants of handheld consoles as well as a version of the N64 back in 2003. This, then, is a significant step into Chinese living rooms for Nintendo.

I don’t necessarily think any of this is an indication that these games are coming to Switch, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for them any time soon. Nintendo claims the Virtual Console (or something like it) is coming, but historically, they’re very bad at these things.

To me, this is a strong indication that Nintendo is dipping their toes into the waters with emulation on the Nvidia, which comes as a side effect of an experiment in the Chinese market.

This isn’t to say I wouldn’t want these games on my Switch. I’d love the ability to play these games on the go (although I would have some serious questions about how the Switch handle’s the Wii’s motion controls). I’m on the same page as everybody else here. And I’m certain that we’ll get older games on the Switch eventually. But their delivery mechanism is up in the air for me. Will they be released through Wii-style Virtual Consoles, the regular e-Shop, or a new streaming program as part of Nintendo’s online plan in 2018? I have no idea.

But most importantly, I’m not convinced by this story that any of these specific Wii games — no matter how badly we all want them — will get released on the Switch.