What I’m Doing Now

Instead of writing blog posts about minor updates in life, I’m dedicating a space here to writing about the things I’d tell friends and family were going on if I hadn’t seen them for a while.

Here are the things I’m currently focused on:

  • I’m designing and developing a series of interconnected websites for Every Home for Christ with a cohesive, shared design language and story.
  • I’m working with Fivebox to help design web and mobile apps for their clients.
  • I’m helping The Meeting House with a new app design for Jesus Collective.
  • I’m working with another non-profit to design and develop three new websites for them.
  • In my limited free time, I’m slowly redesigning this blog in the open. (I can’t wait to get this thing off WordPress.)
  • I am available for your project in January 2022. If you’re interested, you should email me: nathan@wildfirestudios.ca

Last updated: November 1st, 2021