I never know how to review stand-up specials. Am I reviewing the jokes? Am I reviewing the sun stars the camera captures whenever you see the inevitable comedian’s perspective, as the camera pans behind them? (For reference, there are no good sun stars in this one. Disappointing.)

Fun story: we had to pause at one point, because there’s this woman laughing hysterically, louder than anybody else in Seinfeld’s audience. And she sounds just like my wife, who’s sitting beside me. And Seinfeld actually corrects her, and says something like like, No, please laugh in an orderly line with the others. We don’t want anybody missing stops on this ride.” 

Anyway. My wife is that woman. Not literally, of course. But this has happened to us at comedy clubs (in the Before Times, of course). It’s hysterical. That memory was better than this standup special.

Liked the marriage jokes, and liked the jokes about cereal. Two stars!

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