I hated the way this was edited — obnoxious title cards are not my thing — and I think the film is more interested in appearing smart than it is in actually being smart. The most annoying intellectual is the one trying to prove how clever it is. And I could not stand how desperate this film was to be completely unintelligible. I hate this trend, and I hope it dies soon so we can all hear dialogue again without straining our ears. Also, while the film is beautiful at times, I don’t like the way Lowery graded blue colours. (Being very nit picky, but it looked too digital and pulled me out every time we saw a sunny sky.)

Also, it’s too dark and its attempt at indoor lighting realism makes no sense. It’s a movie. Make it so I can see it and hear it. Jobs one and two. The literal most important jobs. 

Ok, all that being said: I respect the heck out of this for trying something different. I loved the ending. I thought most of each vignette along the way was interesting, but I really wish they slotted into each other more coherently. 

Despite my criticisms, I liked this. I just didn’t love it like I thought I would. My expectations were too high. 

This would play better for me on a second viewing, but I’m not sure I liked it enough to watch it again.

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