A million times better than Spectre, and far nicer to look at, but the people who say this complements Spectre well don’t seem to have noticed the events of Spectre are retconned out of existence here.

Cary Fukunaga knows how to direct, though, and that often saves him, even when what he’s filming is as toothless and corporately driven as a deodorant ad. 

In the end, all this flashy direction doesn’t really save it from being just another barely-above-average movie in a series filled with them.

Wired: Daniel Craig gets a few moments of brutal violence nearly on par with Casino Royale, and they make this movie (even without the emotional toll CR carried). Daniel Craig gets to hang out with Ana de Armas again, and I’m here for it. 

Tired: This character doesn’t work well in a serialized format without somebody like Kevin Feige to steer the whole thing. And Daniel Craig. He’s tired too, probably.

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