So heartbreaking and relentless. This isn’t a film you enjoy — it’s an experience you learn from. It’s not something I liked watching, but it made me feel things, and it made me extremely uncomfortable. Once I leaned into that, and stopped trying to resist, it’s hard to say this is anything other than perfect. It almost feels like a documentary — like moments shot during the war by some unseen camera crew. In fact, I thought the film was much older than it was for that reason (and because of the 4:3 aspect ratio — why did they use that?)

Many of my friends have forgotten that films can be art. They’re on the Marvel train, where films exist solely to entertain. For many people, films shouldn’t challenge us. They should relax us! They should be fun! We don’t want to feel sad when we watch movies; we want to escape!

If that’s you, this is not your movie.

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