I don’t get the hate. 

Let me say this: Ghostbusters is flawed. The original is better. Blah blah blah. 

But for what this is, Ghostbusters (2016) is a treat. It’s Bridesmaids meet Ghostbusters, complete with a reversed model of the male gaze that playfully reveals Hollywood’s chauvinism. And it’s not subtle about it. This is not atypical for Paul Feig, but judging by the reviews, it apparently ruffles a lot of bigots’ feathers. 

And that’s because while this is typical for Feig, it’s not for action movies or bro-style comedies. If anything, this is one of those occasions where a good movie was made and its target audience was chosen poorly. 

But Ghostbusters doesn’t care. This film has time to stage a scene for the sole reason of making fun of its haters. I think that’s a wonderful thing. 

So yeah, it’s flawed. No problem admitting that. The effects are corny, the script is often pretty bad, the film’s events are either portly editors or poorly scripted (or both), and some the performances are (perhaps purposefully) canned in. 

But this is a ton of fun, haters be damned. (No pun intended.) Watch it for Chris Hemsworth’s performance, but stay for the credits.

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