We moved into a house, gutted and renovated the basement, and have moved out again in preparation for some other major renovations with contractors that we cannot be present for, so this was the first movie I’ve seen in a month.

I preface what I’m about to say with that because I see a lot of negative reviews here, so I am perhaps missing something. 

I loved this. Not as good as the first one — why separate the family? Why are they all making dumb decisions? — but the premise remains absolutely killer. Cillian Murphy is excellent here. (Maybe it’s because my parents’ TV is poorly calibrated and skin tones look a little green, but I didn’t recognize him until the film was nearly over.)

I am here for the great monsters, excellent tension buildups, etc. Riveting, much like the first. Simple idea, executed pretty well.

Also, Krasinki chooses to shoot many of these sequences during the day! How refreshing. I’m so used to these stupid CGI-fests all happening during the nighttime, which I presume makes the effects cheaper, but Krasinki just goes for it here and boldly tries to make daytime scenes work, and it was awesome.

I’d happily watch this again. Both of these movies are short enough to marathon. Might do that when we get back to our house and can sit in our home theatre.

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