It’s been 10 years since this film came out, and it feels like it hasn’t aged a day. Steinfeld is amazing, but this whole cast is stacked. Damon is performing at his best, Bridges is blowing minds (and not just with his pistols), and even Domnhall Gleason makes an early-career appearance worth watching. 

Casting aside, this may be one of the best westerns ever made. Another masterpiece from the Coen brothers. Dripping in sentimentality, oozing with charm, with a script that would make Aaron Sorkin blush. It’s top tier filmmaking. It’s hard to find quibble anywhere (although I don’t like its bookends, even if they sit well with Portis’ book). And I think it would be illegal to discuss this film without giving Roger Deakins a nod for his breathtaking (and altogether engrossing) cinematography. 

Not a five star film, but a personal favourite of mine nonetheless.

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