Phenomenal filmmaking that has obvious repercussions (unintended audio pun) throughout much of modern cinema (Fincher and Chazelle are obvious descendants of this style, but even All The President’s Men borrows from this extensively). Reminds me a lot of Blowup and Blowout, but better. An ending I didn’t expect, ending with truly unsettling paranoia. Not unlike Rear Window either. Masterful. 

4 stars this time because I just need a minute to soak it in and make sure it isn’t a fever dream. I suspect this will grow on me. I need another viewing.

Edit: just want to add this is the first film that’s given me nightmares since I was a kid. I kept dreaming that I was in the big reveal, and that I was the director. The paranoia got to me last night, I guess! Well as played, Coppola. It’s not even a horror movie. Bonus points.

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