Haven’t seen this since it came out on home video” (is it still called that), and I remembered thinking it was sort of mid-brow entertainment. But two* sequels later (which I didn’t like it as much), it’s fun to revisit this. Somehow the opening scenes hit me here: there’s genuine pathos for John Wick. It feels like the opening sequence of Up: it kind of belongs in a different movie, but it’s masterful storytelling, and it sets the stage perfectly. He got the dog, and read the card, and I started to cry. And immediately I knew I undervalued this film previously. 

It occurred to me that the last time I saw this film, I still wasn’t married. I saw it with my now-FIL, who just wanted to watch the new Keanu” with me. And I had no concept of marriage or what it means. A few (several) short years and a miscarriage later (along with my own dead dog), and this wrecked me. It’s hard to love those you love. 

Either this one is getting better with age or I’m getting more sentimental.

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