Really didn’t dig this. Worst Indy movie for me. The whole story is a shambles and a money grab, it was visually unimpressive (looked like a digital mess compared to a Spielberg movie), it was way too long, and it never proved itself necessary. It’s not Rise of Skywalker bad. It’s not even incompetent. I’d argue it needed more development time. I feel bad for James Mangold, because he’s a great director, but it’s pretty clear this corporate production didn’t give anybody much time to do their best work. 

It’s not even a swing and a miss like Crystal Skull or Temple of Doom. It’s a bunt — a perfectly safe, but offensively boring play. 

Dial of Destiny spends an awful lot of time undoing the events of the last film so we can give Indiana Jones a third farewell. He probably should have stayed written off into the sunset three movies ago.

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