This concept is terrible: why not just make it a time travel movie? So weird watching Adam Driver pretend to not know what dinosaurs are, or not know what the asteroid is. Time travel solves a lot of problems (why does Driver’s humanoid species use kilometres as a unit of measurement?), and introduces a lot of tension. 

And not to rag on this, but is it hard sci-fi or fantasy? Because the script wants me to think of this as hard sci-fi, the cinematographer thinks it’s fantasy (complete with Vaseline ProMist filters on everything), and the director thinks it’s horror (it’s not, stop it). 

But what was this supposed to be? It’s so directionless. An obvious case where the potential is so much better than anything we realized in ways that are incredibly obvious, and it makes me wonder if everybody who made this had their feet halfway out the door to something better.

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