I loved this. Maybe I shared the same taste as Toy Story’s Andy did in the 90s or something, but this delightful hodgepodge of sci-fi and adventure tropes managed to capture all the cool vibes of 2001, Ad Astra, Star Trek, Star Wars, Moon, Interstellar, and many more — even a couple visual references to Mass Effect that I thought were delightful. 

Pixar borrows elements from all these films and still manages to package them in a way that surprised me (I went in blind). Not only that, but I felt something. A real adventure movie in the serial fashion — a rare treat in 2022

I get that this isn’t top tier Pixar, and I saw this on exactly 1.5 hours of sleep, so maybe I’m overrating it. But this is my personal favourite thing they’ve done since Soul, and who knows what before that. 

Genuinely can’t wait to see this again.

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