Possibly one of the worst movies ever made. Certainly worse than The Phantom Menace, which looks good next to this. One of the worst scripts ever written, and it’s clear the entire cast is directionless. The action sequences rarely go anywhere interesting — excluding the final act, only two action sequences serve the plot at all. Others could be removed entirely without affecting a single story beat. 

On a technical level, it’s the worst looking Star Wars movie. The move to film in digital this early on was a huge mistake. Skin tones look like garbage and the film has no life to it. 

If the entire film was just Ewan McGregor hanging out in the Jedi library, I’d like it way more. (Honestly, the Blade Runner vibe in the first hour is the best thing the film has going for it.)

Empirically terrible no matter what scale you use. I’m somehow being too kind to it.

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