It has something like 18 back stories, and each one requires about thirty minutes of setup. The CGI is outdone by the gameplay graphics of the launch PS5 games I own (the gargoyles in Demon’s Souls are genuinely more believable than the gargoyles here). 

As the rules are with DC movies, the final third act is a sloppy CGI fest filled with fight scenes in the dark. (Daytime fighting is too expensive to render or something.) The sound mix is all over the place — dynamic in a way that is deafening in one moment and whisper-quiet the next (minor complaint, but it bothers me). The villain is very boring and gets as much exposition as the hero. Is he Thanos or Sauron or something? I don’t get it. 

Oh! And in typical DC fashion, there are two sequels coming, and one of them is a spin-off starring Dwayne Johnson (for some reason). 

Anyway, I’d rather watch this than almost every other DCEU movie from the past 10 years, so it’s not all bad — it’s just mostly not very good.

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