Here’s something you maybe haven’t thought about before: the thematic colour of evil in Marvel movies is always purple.

I noticed it here because colour actually plays into this film thematically. They pull a Deakins and use a different colour palette for each locale, and the production design reinforces it each time too. Colour desaturates when the mom is dead or when the dad is going full evil, etc. Green in the sanctuary at the end (green gives life). Orange and desaturated greys at the compound. Neon stuff in Macau (very Skyfall-ish). The only neutral area is San Francisco. It’s actually surprisingly thoughtful for a Marvel movie, which is about the most I could ask for from this franchise at this point.

Parts of this don’t work (having Ben Kingsley sort of apologize for Iron Man 3 is… weird), and it’s way too long, and the CGI fest at the end is as ridiculous and overcooked as always, but at least it felt like people cared when they made this.

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