Really loved how subversive this was. The final confrontation/​dinner sequence was, for me, totally electrifying. I’ve spent the past few months constantly saying why can’t these people talk it out? Why do they immediately resort to violence?” basically every time I watch a movie. But this movie just gets it. 

That being said, this is also another movie infected by the recent natural lighting /​underexposed” trend, as well as the we didn’t bother with a tripod” trend, and also the we decided to add title cards for each act” trend. I am viscerally bothered by these three things and think they each immediately date the film and distract us while watching. Do not like. 

A note to aspiring filmmakers: handheld, shaky footage means something. It does not mean what you think it means. Use it sparingly. It is an effect. Not a budget shortcut.

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