Riotously entertaining. It’s so close to being a perfect film. The attention to detail is off the charts. It’s evident in the story, but it’s also evident in everything from set design to costumes. I might not have seen it right, but it looked like an Apple Extended II on Thrombey’s desk in his office. It’s not prevalent in any scene; it’s in the right corner of the frame for two seconds of the film. And yet it’s there, and its inclusion makes perfect sense for Thrombey’s character. Of course a guy like that would write on an Apple Extended keyboard. What else would he use?

Rian Johnson has been a great filmmaker for years, but this feels like it cements his place as one of the trendsetters. I can’t believe they shot this on digital — it looks so much like film, it’s hard to believe. Again, the future. 

Close race between this and Parasite for most entertaining film of 2019.

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