True story: I wasn’t paying attention when this came out, and I thought it was a thriller about a demon posing as a woman who wore Prada, wreaking havoc on all the earth. I’m still a little disappointed that’s not what this is about, but I guess Meryl Streep isn’t too far off in this role. 

I enjoy this movie — I’m not a monster. I watch a competently directed Hollywood movie in which Anne Hathaway gets to be fabulous, and I have a good time. 

But it infuriates me that this movie simultaneously celebrates and admonishes capitalism. Hathaway has to reject it, of course, but not before she learns to dress respectably and lose a little weight so Stanley Tucci can literally admire her ass. 

Hey! There’s our old friend Capitalism, sitting in the corner! Sorry its flesh is rotting; please go kiss the hand that feeds you.”

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