I’m just going to come out and say it: this is my favourite Pixar movie. Maybe the best Pixar movie. I like it so much it’s slowly becoming an all-time favourite. The script is airtight. The voice acting is impeccable. The animation comes together just right — not too realistic as to be distracting, not too fake. Pixar nailed this period of their work. 

I work in a creative profession. I’m a freelance designer, photographer, digital strategist, and writer who codes. I’m often torn between defeat and mania, struggling with ego and simultaneously struggling with depression. Creating something, and not knowing how it will be received, requires exhausting effort. And it takes bravery. 

Similarly, those who have allowed me to do what I do for nearly a decade — the friends and family who have encouraged me, as well as the clients who have hired me — these people risked something in defending my work. 

Ratatouille means a lot to me, personally, is what I guess I’m saying. Brad Bird made a movie just for me, about the life we artists lead. I’ll forever be grateful. 


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