Last time I reviewed this, I said I wished the ending had more time to breathe. A second viewing made it more clear: I think there are too many endings, and the tonal shift surrounding those endings gives me pause. 

Typically, I would lower my rating for a flaw like this. But those endings, much like the numerous endings for Return of the King, make me feel something. Clearly, they’re doing something right, even if they interfere with my desire for focused storytelling purity. 

The other thing this film has going for it: it’s so nuanced. A viewing with friends can lead to hours of conversation about all the different metaphors in the film. It’s so metaphorical,” as they say. But in this case, it is. Rare are the films that one can de-construct and then put back together again, slowly, in conversation. That’s worth something.

So up to a 5 it is. Rarely do I upgrade a film’s ranking; typically, I move in the opposite direction over time. But here we are. A film that is not flawless, but certainly masterful. One wonders if it will be Bong’s masterpiece, or if he will yet outdo himself.

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