I sat on this for a few days before writing a review to see if I would have anything truly intelligent to say. But I don’t. This is The Shining for people who love the scene when they get drunk and sing in the boat in Jaws.

Actually, this is very much like The Shining in all the best ways. Hear me out:

I keep comparing it to The Shining, but it’s so obviously going for that. And old horror movies from the 40s. That’s super cool. I dig it. 

If the film is about anything, I think it might be about boomers fighting millennials. (This is not like The Shining.) I pitched this theory to my friend who saw it with me. He said I was nuts. 

Anyway, the movie is ambiguous and has no meaning. But look, there’s atmosphere, alcohol, and axes, so I don’t know what more you could want from your horror.

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