Leaving this un-scored for now because I never got to finish it. We were kicked out of the theatre with 15 minutes left in the movie because the fire alarm went off during our IMAX screening. 

It’s opening day, and every person in this room was a massive fan. It didn’t go over well.

We were told to wait for the alarm to turn off, and that it was a false alarm. Then we were told it would take ten minutes to get back to the movie. Then, another ten minutes for the projector to warm up. Then, we were told they were having issues with the projector and that we’d get free tickets for our trouble and we all needed to leave. 

In reality, we had waited so long that it had passed time for the next screening to start. 

Absolutely the worst experience I’ve ever had at a theatre, and very poorly handled and communicated from the staff.

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