Redesign Update

In over two years, I haven’t gotten past some basic wireframes for this site. The designs I have are terrible. But in the interest of documenting my process, I'm sharing them here anyway. September 17, 2022

Adobe Buys Figma

The inevitable future of our draconian Adobe overlords is here: Adobe has bought Figma for $20 billion. September 15, 2022

The Studio Display: Finally

For years, I have complained about the monitor situation for Mac users. Finally, there is a reasonable option. (Now I can complain about the product we have instead of the product we're missing.) April 4, 2022

Hello Canon: One Month With the EOS R6

After one month with the new EOS R6, I'm ready to review its stills capability — especially as it compares to my previous camera, the Sony a7 III. September 30, 2020