Nintendo is releasing a massive Splatoon 2 update →

November 22 2017 in Gaming & Link Posts

Between Skyrim, Super Mario Odyssey, and Stardew Valley on my Switch, I haven’t spent as much time as I used to playing Splatoon 2. That’s all going to change though, I think. Nintendo’s latest update (which hits on November 23rd) is a big one. From The Verge:

This week will see the addition of new maps, an increased level cap, more hairstyles and music tracks, and a whopping 140 pieces of gear, followed by a new competitive mode in December. It’s substantially larger than any previous update, and Nogami says that this deluge of content is designed in part to make Splatoon 2 more enticing ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.

Works for me. The best news is hidden further down, though:

…you’ll now finally be able to switch up your gear without having to leave the multiplayer lobby.

I’m excited to play the update for this ability alone. Splatoon 2 is the only competitive shooter I’ve enjoyed playing online. This update is going to make it a whole lot better.