Five More Things

Today, I’m announcing a new endeavour with my friend Adam Haworth called Five More Things. Five More Things is a podcast about five things we think you should know about that we think are interesting, enlightening, timely, or just fun. We don’t really have any rules, beyond trying to get you a new episode every week and keeping it pretty short (ideally 30-45 minutes per episode). We both like podcasts and thought this would be a fun one to try and sort out — something we both wished somebody else would do.

Adam first got in touch me with about the idea late last year. We talked specifics and tried a couple dry runs over the past few months, and we really like the way we play off each other. It turns out that my Canadian sensibilities and his British tone work together quite well — a surprise to nobody, I’m sure.

I’m also excited about the logo. It’s always fun to push something so minimal to the extreme. It looks like a stupidly simple logo, and it is, but the amount of hours spent on coming up with something so obvious were extraordinary. I’m pleased with the results and glad I can share them with you here now.

The debut episode has been available over the weekend on our website, and as of this afternoon, you can now find us on iTunes. If you’re curious, I’d love it if you checked out the first episode, which we’ve titled Amazon Sent My Mother Porn. It’s embedded below, and I hope you like listening to it as much as we liked recording it.