Five More Things recap

I’ve missed writing about a couple episodes of Five More Things, so here we go.

Steve Ballmer Took My Pen & Paper

Recorded weeks ago, released the other day. Sorry for the delay. This one was a lot of fun, and we talked about everything from the Oscars to the Norway Massacre Memorial (and obviously, a great Steve Ballmer story).

You Want Them To Spend An Hour Eating A Banana?

After being inspired by our Oscar conversation, Adam and I spoke about our five favourite movies. This was a ton of fun, and a bit of a break from our regular format. I hope you like it.

Finally, Adam had some great things to say about Five More Things on his blog:

The idea is simple: two guys, speaking about five things they think the audience should know about, each week. The format allows for tangents, some funny moments and a lot of geeky conversations. If you’re into geeky stuff like apps, magazines, design, movies and the internet, you’ll probably like the podcast.

Before I could set about launching the podcast, I needed another guy. On a bit of a punt, I asked Nathan Snelgrove whom I knew was into some of the same stuff as me, was creative and was always up for a bit of a project. I sent an email to him explaining the idea. He responded saying he loved it and thus, Five More Things was born.

Of course, there’s a little more to it than that. I had an idea for a similar podcast almost a year before, called One More Thing. The idea was that my roommate and I would find a cool thing that most people would leave for the end of their podcasts, and riff about it for twenty minutes. Although he was interested and we were looking to do it, it never materialized — which is why I was so eager to work on this with Adam.

Life has a funny way of working itself out like that.