Five More Things: Catching up

It’s been a busy couple weeks at Wildfire, so I haven’t had the time to catch up with posts about Five More Things, the podcast I run with my friend Adam Haworth. In the past couple weeks, we’ve released three episodes and are slowly adopting a more regular schedule as we’re finding the time for the show in our lives.

(Word to the wise: any new project, client-based or non, will take time to settle into your schedule — especially if it’s repeating. Take note!)

Here’s a brief summary of some of what we’ve been recording. I’ve embedded each episode as well for your listening pleasure.

First Poop, Now Alcohol

Our most recent episode, and by far my favourite of the show so far, got deep into things like bathroom habits, new camera technology from Lytro, and powdered alcohol. It’s such a winner that I’m breaking normal convention and leading with it instead of going in proper order. It’s also our tenth episode, which I feel is worth celebrating, and you can really tell we’re getting in a good groove at this point.

Five More Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee, Porn, & Cereal

Do you like Mad Men, World War I history, Google Glass controversy, Windows Phone, or cool advertisements? Then you’ll like our ninth episode. Perhaps surprisingly, we don’t really talk about coffee, porn, or cereal. I apologize.

Are You Crying? Yeah, You’re Crying.

Dropbox, Millenials (what’s in a name?), and proper restaurant etiquette fuel us through this one, which is the episode where Adam and I can never agree on anything.

Pending any further changes, of course, we’re landing on a model where (unless life somehow gets in the way) Adam and I record on Tuesday morning (early evening in British time for him). He edits the show and gets it to me before it gets too late in Britain, and I handle show notes and uploading later that evening so it can be released by the time Adam is up the following morning.

This means our schedule is as follows: Tuesday record, Wednesday publish. The hard part is making sure we take the time to do it. If you’re looking to record a podcast, be sure you have some sort of schedule in place — like anything else, it’s never a priority until you make it so.