Ending Five More Things

After several months of recording together and releasing fantastic podcast episodes under the Five More Things moniker, my friend Adam Haworth and I are drawing the show to a close and moving on to other things.

Five More Things was always an experiment for us. We live in different timezones, we’re at different places in life, and we work in different industries. But we wanted to see what would happen when you combined our voices to try and do something unique. For me, the show was a welcome reprieve from day-to-day work.

But for a while now, we’ve felt we can do better. After returning from vacation, we discussed where the show was going — what was working and what wasn’t working — along with where our lives were going in the next year. We’re both facing a lot of changes.

Instead of continuing with the podcast and producing mediocre work, we’re shelving it after what I call one season. We plan on doing one more episode as a last hurrah and a proper goodbye, but we’re not positive when that will happen. Our 19th episode will be our last.

That doesn’t mean we won’t work together in the future. We’ve got lots of ideas, but very little time. For now, we’re saying adios, but we’re not ruling anything out. We’re still good friends and the decision to end things was made amicably.

All of this to say: we’re working on one more episode with five more things left to discuss. But when you’ve run out of things to say, sometimes it’s best just to start new conversations.

Thank you for listening to the show, and I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.