The tools and the output

For years now, we've heard new conventional wisdom from all the creative gurus: "the tools don't matter. You have everything you need to make what you want to make." I feel the opposite is true. April 4, 2023

My next Apple computer

Before the Apple Silicon transition, it was always the case the biggest MacBook Pro was the most powerful. That's no longer the case. These days, 14" MacBook Pro can be specced out to be just as powerful as its bigger sibling. March 20, 2023

Further Sketch News in Figma’s World

I was saddened to hear about layoffs at Sketch. No company deserves to suffer layoffs, and certainly not a company that has done so much for its industry as Sketch. If you're hiring, it sounds like the 80 people they're letting go would be great for your team. October 12, 2022

Adobe Buys Figma

The inevitable future of our draconian Adobe overlords is here: Adobe has bought Figma for $20 billion. September 15, 2022

The Studio Display: Finally

For years, I have complained about the monitor situation for Mac users. Finally, there is a reasonable option. (Now I can complain about the product we have instead of the product we're missing.) April 4, 2022

Hello Canon: One Month With the EOS R6

After one month with the new EOS R6, I'm ready to review its stills capability — especially as it compares to my previous camera, the Sony a7 III. September 30, 2020