My next Apple computer

Before the Apple Silicon transition, it was always the case the biggest MacBook Pro was the most powerful. That's no longer the case. These days, 14" MacBook Pro can be specced out to be just as powerful as its bigger sibling. March 20, 2023

The Studio Display: Finally

For years, I have complained about the monitor situation for Mac users. Finally, there is a reasonable option. (Now I can complain about the product we have instead of the product we're missing.) April 4, 2022

The state of Apple’s laptop lineup

About a week ago, I realized my 2017 15” MacBook Pro’s speakers are blown. If I were to buy a new portable machine from Apple today, what would I buy? May 27, 2020

Apple’s New MacBook Pro

I am so glad to get the inverted arrow keys back, and as somebody who writes a lot of words every day, I’m thrilled to have a reliable keyboard again. November 13, 2019