Some Spit and Polish

This website has a whole new look and feel, and a bunch of blog posts that weren't here before. February 3, 2018


Is transparency a measurable thing you can market? How do you do that? February 1, 2018


Before we send more newsletters, let’s ask if we deserve the attention we get from being in somebody’s most private and important digital space. January 4, 2018

Quality and Quantity

At some point, experience breeds perfectionism. Nothing is perfect. But we get better when we make more stuff. November 24, 2017


Last week, Apple announced they were removing the headphone jack for their new iPhone. It wasn’t the first time they removed an “essential” feature; most of us remember losing the floppy drive, disc drives, Ethernet ports, and even the traditional file system (on iPad and iPhone). News like this usually doesn’t pan out well, but […] September 11, 2016