Design is hard in the middle

I’ve always found the work of design to be difficult. When I started working as a designer, it was difficult because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was tripping and stumbling in the dark, messing around in Photoshop and InDesign, trying to lay out magazine ads and technical manuals proficiently. I don’t think […] April 5, 2023

Redesigns in the open

Two of my favourite designers have been writing about the redesign process of their websites. January 24, 2020

Be Different

What I learned from visiting a realtor in an older part of Toronto. February 8, 2018

Good Design is a Fight

If you want to design something of value, you're inevitably going to upset people. Design is saying no to a thousand ideas so you can say yes to one good one. That naturally leads to arguments. January 4, 2017

Cooper Hewitt

This is an absolutely gorgeous open source typeface. September 26, 2016


Most of my clients start talking about the sort of design work they’re looking for and use the word “minimalism”. Almost every time, they mean simplicity. But they’ve heard a lot of designers talk about minimalism in the past few years and think it’s going to unlock some hidden green valley of successful business heretofore […] September 13, 2016